We deliver a project that is responsible and impactful.

Our services range from visible roles in community engagement and government relations to back-of-house support in regulatory compliance and diverse spend monitoring. Combined, our services contribute to a project that creates measurable impact.

Regulatory Compliance

Without respect to the funding source, we have extensive knowledge on how best to maximize achievement of compliance requirements. Our team applies an in-depth knowledge of these requirements to implement systems that effectively manage and enforce compliance. We also train project teams on these requirements and implement systems that help them remain compliant. Tandem’s regulatory compliance services often involve:

  • M/W/DBE Certification Assistance
  • M/W/DBE Utilization & Planning
  • Davis-Bacon & Prevailing Wage Monitoring
  • HUD Section 3 Mandates
  • Local and Community Hiring Requirements

Community Engagement

A responsible project is one that integrates with the community it serves. Tandem’s community engagement process fosters local support for the project, creates employment opportunities for community residents, and maximizes opportunities for under-utilized minority and disadvantaged businesses. These services involve:

  • Project awareness campaigns to hear from local community members
  • Subcontractor outreach forums focused on maximizing M/W/DBE & Section 3 business participation
  • Workforce development programs that maximize community hiring

Government Relations

A successful and inclusive project must consider a wide-range of stakeholders spanning city agencies, elected officials, and community leaders. Tandem’s solidified relationships with elected officials and community leaders and knowledge of agency-specific processes, help to effectively guide the initial stages of a project. In this capacity, our team serves as a liaison to elected officials, government agencies, and community groups—providing a representative for these entities that is extremely familiar with how to effectively get things done.

Team. Strategy.
Infrastructure. Execution.

Our 4-step approach to a successfully managed & successfully delivered project—TEAM | STRATEGY | INFRASTRUCTURE | EXECUTION —ensures: Key team members are identified, and their roles and responsibilities defined; a framework that “thinks-through” all the necessary components that will ensure a successful project is developed; core components are designed—community outreach + engagement, subcontractor outreach, hiring initiatives, compliance education; and the plan, as designed, is successfully implemented.